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Artists: Year > 2008
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  • Splendid Theatre

    Splendid Theatre group was initiated as an idea by Ramadhani Maneno (Pendapenda) during 1997. Ramadhani's career as an artist started when he was a mere nine years old, displaying his dancing skills at various parties in his neighbourhood of Dar es Salaam. At the age of thirteen, he was selected read more
  • Tamarind Band

    Get down and dance to the new beats of the shubidu shubidu style!   Playing "muziki wa dansi", modern guitar music from Tanzania and "mduara" East African coastal rhythms, Tamarind Band was established early in 2005. The group, featuring 14 members, has already made enormous impact largely thanks to the guidance of read more
  • TMK Majita Original

    TMK Majita Original started performing four years ago and are at the forefront in the new generation of bongo flava artists in Tanzania. The group is from Temeke district of Dar es Salaam and is comprised of seven artists. They have participated at various concerts and festivals around the country. read more
  • Yange Yange Trio

    Yange Yange Arts is a Wagogo cultural group from the central Tanzanian region around the city of Dodoma. Tanzania has some 120 ethnic groups, none of which accounts for more than a few percent of the overall population, so there is no dominant ethnic culture or sound. That said, the read more
  • Yunasi

    [[[Yunasi wins BBC World Service's Next Big Thing 2007 competition in London http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/thenextbigthing/2007   ]]]Yunasi have won the recent BBC Next Big Thing competition. The band was voted "easily the best" from over 2000 acts from 88 countries. Yunasi have also won other major international awards including a 3rd place in the read more
  • Z. Anto

    Ally Mohamed Ahmad, aka Z. Anto, was born in Dar es Salaam in 1988. In 2004 he approached Tiptop Connection, local producers of upcoming bongo flava artists, to give him a chance to record. They asked him to freestyle there and then but he failed the audition.   After a while he read more