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  • Mswanu Gogo Vibes

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres traditional
    Website /public/Mswanu-Gogo-Vibes
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2017

    Chinyawenga, 2014 


    Mswanu Gogo Vibes
    Mswanu Gogo Vibes

    Mswanu is a Gogo word meaning beauty. Established in 2007 by Frank Samwata, Mswanu Vibes is comprised of  five artists, ranging from poets, story tellers and theatre performers.   Musically, Mswanu play flutes, drums, zeze, marimba and guitar.  This is Wagogo music beautifully mixed with contemporary pan-African vibes.

    Mswanu have recorded and performed in Berlin, Germany.  They also performed in Bagamoyo, Tanzania at Karibu Festival in 2014 and  Marhaba Festival in 2015, and at other festivals in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, UK, Sweden and Germany.

    Mswanu Gogo Vibes are also educators on Tanzania’s rich musical heritage. They provide training in all aspects of performing arts, from playing flutes, drums, zeze, marimba, singing and theatre.