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  • Shamsi Music

     Shamsi Music is an afro-jazz fusion band from Nairobi, which prides itself in creating memorable musical experiences that capture the heart, mind and soul. At the core of their journey is the desire to create music that mirrors the sound of their heartland, Kenya, and their Motherland, Africa.


    Their read more

  • Kasai Allstars

    Kasai Allstars are a 25-piece musical collective based in Kinshasa, DRC. The group is unique in the history of Congolese music as the members hail from multiple tribes and bands, all from the Kasai region.  Historically, these tribes endured conflicting relationships over read more

  • Seun Olota

    Seun Olota is a composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Lagos, Nigeria. He is also leader of the ExTaSi Gang Band and an advocate for persons living with special needs and physical conditions. He has created a niche within the context of dance, club, choral and therapeutic music with original read more

  • Banana Zorro & the B Band

    Banana Zorro is one of Tanzania's most popular musicians. The son of legendary singer Ally Zorro, he recorded with his father and produced two tracks called Anakudanganya and Big Boss. On the back of these singles, he joined the group BloveM (Banana loves Masiga).

    [[[In 2002, he released his debut album, read more

  • Jembe Culture Group

    The popular Dar es Salaam based music group was officially established in 2006 with three members from Dodoma and three members from the coastal region. A few years later, they expanded to become an ensemble of 13 members all of whom are part of the group until today. The read more

  • Isau Meneses

    Isau Meneses’ music career spans three decades.  In 2013, his 30th anniversary in the music scene, he released his seventh album titled “Patchissa-Pananfiti” which means “There are witches in the area”. 

    Since then, Meneses released two more recordings and was awarded a platinum disc following the sale of read more