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  • Damian Soul

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres urban pop
    Facebook /Damian-Soul-465979976854674
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2019

     Kaumba, 2016; Tudumishe, 2015; Ni Penzi, 2014; Data, 2017

    Damian Soul feat Joh Makini - NiPenzi (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Sms 8718982 to 15577 Vodacom Tz

    Damian Soul
    Damian Soul

     Damian Soul is a Swahili soul artist, whose life revolves around music. He is a charismatic composer, guitarist, producer and singer-songwriter, who believes in “the inspirational power of Good News music".


    With four albums under his belt, he has popularly collaborated with many local artists, including Joh Makini, Vanessa Mdee, G Nako and Nikki II.