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  • Mgodro Group

    The idea for this group was born from Matona's desire to return to the roots of the traditional music of his childhood: the sounds and music played by the many inhabitants from Comoros who lived around Stone Town. Thanks to funding from Alliance Francaise and Japanese Trust, Matona was able read more

  • Mashauzi Classic Modern Taarab

    Taking the islands and coastal areas of Tanzania mainland by storm, Mashauzi Classic Modern Taarab is one of Tanzania’s leading groups playing the upbeat, and widely popular, genre of “modern taarab”.


    Emerging in the 1990s modern taarab, is a far cry from its “classical taarab” counterpart, played on read more

  • Massar Egbari

    Massar Egbari was founded in 2005. They created a sarcastic name for the band since they felt that society exerts its power over people from their childhood till the day they die. This social power wants to stereotype everything including the way we think and feel, leaving no space for read more

  • Best of WaPi

    British Council supports young emerging artists through their WaPi (Words and Pictures) programme that has provided platforms for youth to showcase their talents in many countries around Africa. In Tanzania, during 2009 WaPi has visited Iringa, Arusha and Mwanza as well as hosting regular events in Dar es Salaam and read more

  • Bonaya Doti

    Born in 1974 in Marsabit, north-eastern Kenya, Bonaya Doti began his music career after years as a community activist for social change. He hails from the Konso, an ethnic group assimilated by the larger Borana community. He sings in the Borana language, with its inimical afro-arabic Cushitic style. Whilst strongly read more

  • Mkota Spirit Dancers

    The Mkota Spirit Dancers are a traditional Zanzibari dance troupe from southern Pemba, widely described as the most energetic performers in Zanzibar. Since 1985 they have wowed audiences throughout the archipelago with their repertoire of rare dances, which include gonga, boso, kyaso, and the transfixing possession dance known read more