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  • Morena Leraba

    In recent years, Morena Leraba has emerged as a new flagbearer of a remodelled Lesotho sound through a brace of singles, collaborations and live performances. He has thrilled audiences at Banlieues Bleues Jazz Festival in Paris, Afropunk Joburg (2017 and 2019), MTN Bushfire (2019), Oslo World (2019) and Music in read more
  • Moto Combat

    Moto Combat "Kigoma cha Uchokozi" was formed in January 2007, when the birth of this particular ngoma style can be celebrated. The group consists of twelve members aged in their twenties, all of whom are former members of mdundiko groups. Mdundiko was the most popular street parade dance in Dar read more
  • Moyize

    Moyize (Mutangana Moise) is a young emerging Rwandan singer and composer who had been involved in many different projects at the University Centre for Arts and Drama of the National University of Rwanda for 7 years.   Moyize is one of the founding members of Ikobe Muzik Group with which he toured read more
  • Mpamanga

    Mpamanga from Madagascar, have been in the game since 2009. The group includes five musicians with Zix on bass and vocals, Jacquis Ralf on guitar and vocals, Hery on drums and pad, Toky on keyboards, vocals and percussion and Bema on lead vocals.   The group was born in their home town read more
  • Mrisho Mpoto

    Mrisho Mpoto is one of East Africa's leading new generation of Kiswahili poets. His fame throughout the region is also unrivalled as actor, theatre director and a story-teller. Mrisho Mpoto resides in Dar es Salaam, where he spent many years working with Parapanda Theatre Lab. His artistic accomplishments are many read more
  • Msafiri Zawose

    Msafiri Zawose is on an ongoing quest to forge an original sound for a changing Tanzania, a search he took up from his late father Hukwe, who was a founding figure in the nation’s musical independence. A charismatic performer, prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Msafiri Zawose is one of Tanzania’s most respected read more