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  • KVZ Tupendane

    Country  Pemba
    Genres roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010
    KVZ Tupendane
    KVZ Tupendane

    KVZ Tupendane is one of the leading ngoma (traditional drums and dance) groups from Chake Chake, the administrative capital town on our sister island of Pemba. The group has been working together since 2007, with 22 musicians playing traditional styles including chaso, boso, mdungushi and msondo.

    Through their captivating performances, KVZ Tupendane has successfully managed to rebuild credibility and respect for traditional ngoma music with the young generation. Earning a living through music on Pemba island is not easy, as opportunities to perform are scarce, with very little business or tourist traffic. So we are delighted to welcome this group of talented and committed artists to the international stage. Tupendane Oye!