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  • Msaki

    Msaki has always had a knack for voicing our inner fears, hopes and desires. She is a singer-songwriter-producer-curator and one of South Africa’s most unique and exciting talents.She is equally at home in acoustic settings as well as on chart-topping bangers by the globally revered South African house music fraternity read more
  • Msondo Ngoma Band

    This is Tanzania's equivalent of Congo's TPOK Jazz or Zaiko Langa Langa. As OTTU Jazz, and in various other guises, Msondo Ngoma Music Band has been around since 1964, with the current leader Maalim Gurumo, being the only original member left.   Being the oldest surviving band in East and Central Africa, read more
  • Mswanu Gogo Vibes

    Mswanu is a Gogo word meaning beauty. Established in 2007 by Frank Samwata, Mswanu Vibes is comprised of  five artists, ranging from poets, story tellers and theatre performers.   Musically, Mswanu play flutes, drums, zeze, marimba and guitar.  This is Wagogo music beautifully mixed with contemporary pan-African vibes. Mswanu have recorded and performed read more
  • Muthoni The Drummer Queen

    Nairobi born and raised singer-songwriter, flow-poet, drummer, and creative social entrepreneur, Muthoni Ndonga, is already poised to become a leading presence in the world of African entertainment and social development. Muthoni’s music is an innovative approach to fusing African melodies and rhythms with daily experiences that resonate with urban youth read more
  • Mutinda

    Mutinda's music is a journey through time and space.   Marrying African traditional instrumentation such as nyatiti, maboom-boom drums, djembe, African flute with global elements as guitar, bass, keyboard, sax, violin and drums, he has created a unique style of soul-searching melodies and contagious rhythms. Although Mutinda's music is unique, he still has read more
  • Mwahiyerani

    Mwahiyerani is a traditional dance group based in Mchauru Juu Village, Mtwara region. Their style is of the Makua ethnic group found both in southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique. This style was originally performed only by elders and in secret places, since the 1920s. Now it is performed openly and read more