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  • Kassim

    Kassim Hemed Mganga is originally from Tanga region but received his primary and secondary education in Dar es Salaam. He started in music during 2002. A few years later in 2005, he released his first song Shanaiza, but despite receiving radio airplay it didn't really hit. In 2006 he released read more
  • Katapila ‘Sangula’ Ngoma

    Katapila Ngoma started in 1980, with 15 musicians playing traditional drum and dance music of the Pogoro tribe, from Morogoro region of mainland Tanzania.   Around 1986 they added more cultural traditions to their regular repertoire, including sindimba, lizombe and others. From 1990 their fanbase started to explode, when they developed a read more
  • Kazimoto

    Members of Jagwa Music and the international electronica artists Teichmann Brothers met during a recent Jagwa performance in Berlin's Urban Spree club. The Brothers invited them to their studio the following day and after an extended jam it was decided that this needs to go on stage. International reviewers of read more
  • Khaira Arby

    For women, singing can be the road to personal power. When their voice is as strong as Malian vocalist Khaira Arby's, that power can move mountains, change minds, and win battles. Arby's rich, potent sound aims to do just that, shifting seamlessly between the edgy and progressive and the traditional read more
  • Kidum & the Boda Boda Band

    'Kidum' is the name given to a 20-litre jerry can in Kirundi, the official language spoken in Burundi. His mother gave him that nickname due to his chubbiness as a child. Ironically, Kidum (whose ‘real’ name is Jean-Pierre Nimbona) taught himself to play the drums by practicing on water jerry read more
  • Kidumbaki JKU

    Kidumbak is among the most popular traditional music styles of Zanzibar. With its roots in the taarab traditions and heavy emphasis on the rhythmic aspect, for local people it makes the music highly infectious and danceable. Kidumbak is often performed at Zanzibar weddings, birthdays, beach parties and other joyous celebrations. read more