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  • Hanitra

    Hanitra is a singer and guitarist from the “red Island” Madagascar. Underpinning her tunes with the charming essence of the island’s rhythms, with hints of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian percussion, she draws on traditional songs to dynamically represent the new Malagasy generation. Her voice, both deep and sensual, leads the way read more

  • Jagwa Music

    Consisting of nine artists, Jagwa Music are the leading exponents of the Mchiriku style, which originated 20 years ago in the poor suburbs of Dar es Salaam; when cheap Casio keyboards first became available.

    Jagwa Music and their peers were immediately attracted by the Casio’s lo-fi sound, adopted read more

  • Jembe Culture Group

    The popular Dar es Salaam based music group was officially established in 2006 with three members from Dodoma and three members from the coastal region. A few years later, they expanded to become an ensemble of 13 members all of whom are part of the group until today. The read more

  • Juhudi Taarab

    Established over 70 years ago, Juhudi Taarab is a Zanzibari treasure – a traditional taarab group with members hailing from all regions of Pemba. For nearly three generations, they have kept the taarab tradition alive and currently feature many celebrated artists and composers known throughout the region, such as Malik read more

  • Kidumbaki JKU

    Kidumbak is among the most popular traditional music styles of Zanzibar. With its roots in the taarab traditions and heavy emphasis on the rhythmic aspect, for local people it makes the music highly infectious and danceable.

    Kidumbak is often performed at Zanzibar weddings, birthdays, beach parties and other joyous read more

  • Kozman Ti Dalon

    Kozman Ti Dalon is a group of 6 young performers from Reunion who live for their culture and their music.


    All were born in the Reunion city of Saint Louis. They draw inspiration from the maloya kabaré that the late Granmoun Bébé Manet proudly pioneered. Their first album read more