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Artists: Year > 2020
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  • Ison Mistari aka Zenji Boy

    Ison Mistari, aka Zenji Boy is a new light in Zanzibar’s hiphop scene. His song-writing is critical and conscious, with powerful lyrics and messages that deeply resonate with his Swahili-speaking audience. Ison Mistari’s live performances are highly energetic and his lyrical skills widely feared. He has earned respect and appreciation read more
  • Kaloubadya

    Kaloubadya, representing the maloya style from Reunion island, explore their roots whilst keenly embracing the spirituality this deeply rhythmic music has in seeking contact with its African ancestors. Kaloubadya’s stated ambition is to shake the plate. Voices swell and soar, whilst at the same time being raucous, vulnerable and powerful. The group read more
  • Lulu Abdalla

    Lulu Abdalla is a musician and music teacher from Kenya. He started his career in 2006, playing ngoma drums for traditional dancers before switching to guitar and singing. His debut album ‘Thembassa’ was released in 2014. This included two songs that were nominated for the All African Music Awards categories read more
  • Mamy Kanouté

    Mamy Kanouté was born into a family of Senegalese griots, the famed singers and musicians that constitute a repository of West African oral tradition, history and culture. She has collaborated regularly with other Senegalese music legends, including Youssou N'Dour, Baaba Maal, Omar Pène, and Didier Awadi. She has also worked read more
  • Mannyok

    Mannyok, from the Mauritius island of Rodrigues, are one of its finest music exports. Rhythmic and energetic, their twirling sound is rooted in local traditions, with original compositions and re-interpretations of local standards.  The combo is composed of five musicians from various backgrounds, offering diverse influences to the music mix. Twin read more
  • Mapanya Band

    Mapanya Band is an energetic, young and talented 'you've-gotta-dance-to-it' group that started in 2015, when all its members were students at Zanzibar’s Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA).   The seven musicians who are from Zanzibar and Tanzania play an energetic mix of reggae, soul, r’n’b, hiphop, afro-fusion, Arabic and taarab music, read more