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  • Inganzo Ngari

    Inganzo Ngari is a traditional Rwandan dance troupe that was created in 2006 to promote the Rwandan folkloric dance among youth, and their welfare through art and culture. Inganzo Ngari officially reigns as the best of the existing troupes, as certified by various competitions and evaluation by competent bodies.

    Inganzo has built read more

  • Isabel Novella

    Born in Maputo, Mozambique and growing up on music stages around the world, Isabel Novella is blessed with God’s greatest gift: the voice to sing. As well as being an amazing singer-songwriter, she has a stage presence to die for. Unique in style and performance, Isabel has carved her own read more

  • Isack Abeneko

    Isack Abeneko is a contemporary live performer, actor, dancer, guitarist and choreographer. His music is derived from various Tanzanian traditional dances, melodies and rhythms, blended with contemporary dance music to illuminate and inspire the next generation.

    Abeneko delivers social messages, with a patriotism that is not read more

  • Isau Meneses

    Isau Meneses’ music career spans three decades.  In 2013, his 30th anniversary in the music scene, he released his seventh album titled “Patchissa-Pananfiti” which means “There are witches in the area”. 

    Since then, Meneses released two more recordings and was awarded a platinum disc following the sale of read more

  • Islanders Band

    The Islanders Band is a group of nine talented musicians from Tanzania that was formed in 1997 in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The music of Islanders Band is a rooted fusion of traditional Tanzania rhythms with contemporary sounds.


    "Our music is aimed to entertain, as well as addressing different social messages, knowing read more

  • Ison Mistari aka Zenji Boy

    Ison Mistari, aka Zenji Boy is a new light in Zanzibar’s hiphop scene. His song-writing is critical and conscious, with powerful lyrics and messages that deeply resonate with his Swahili-speaking audience. Ison Mistari’s live performances are highly energetic and his lyrical skills widely feared. He has earned respect and appreciation read more