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  • Roland Tchakounté

    Country  Cameroon France
    Genres jazz blues
    Website www.roland-tchakounte.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2017

    Abango, 2005; Waka, 2008; Blues Menessen, 2010; Ndoni, 2012; Ngueme and Smiling Blues, 2016


    Roland Tchakounté
    Roland Tchakounté

    Born in Cameroon, Roland Tchakounté started his musical training with percussion followed by the guitar, piano and harmonica.

    His music is the perfect merging between Mississippi Blues and the deep African roots of these songs, greatly enhanced by the harmonies of Bamiléké, his mother tongue.

    Through his music, he talks about the downward spiral of a brutal world and of Africa, a continent from where there seems to come only bad news.

    Roland Tchakounté looks up to many blues artists for inspiration including Elmore James and Muddy Waters, but regards John Lee Hooker and Ali Farka Toure as his real masters.

    He has performed in almost every corner of the world, on stages in Belgium, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Lithuania, Croatia, France and in many African countries.

    He released several albums over the years with the latest entitled ‘Ngueme and Smiling Blues’.

    with thanks to Spedidam
    with thanks to Spedidam