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  • Abantu Mandingo

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres fusion
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

    Abantu Mandingo
    Abantu Mandingo

    Swahili Ally is a talented Tanzanian singer and song writer whose talent first appeared in primary school. He was born in 1989 in Tanga region whereby he got his primary education at Kigambini primary school and started his music carrier.
    He comes from a musical family; his Grandfather was a musician and is the one who taught him music. After his grandfather passed away his grandmother took responsibility of advising him on music-related issues.
    He comes from the popular tribe in Tanga known as Wadigo, and sings in the Digo language mixed with Swahili. The vibrant performing art of Tanzanian traditional music with its unique contemporary edge delivers a memorable performance and powerful message to audiences every time they appear.
    In 2005 he got involved in the music scene and in 2009 his name started being well-known in the music industry. In 2010 he joined with Lumumba Theatre Group, and participated in several workshops as Music Crossroad, Umoja cultural flying carpet in Mozambique and Sauti Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.
    He also performed in different festivals such as 2012 Umoja cultural flying carpet in Mozambique where he got an opportunity to perform with several musicians from South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Norway, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.
    Don’t miss seeing him on stage with Abantu Mandingo performing at Sauti za Busara 2014.