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  • Amani Drummers

    Country  Burundi
    Genres roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2007
    Amani Drummers
    Amani Drummers

    Amani is a Burundian traditional cultural drummer/dancing group comprised of 20 active drummers and dancers, based in Mtabila refugee camp in Kasulu District. Burundian refugees established the group in 1994, right after they had fled civil unrest and ethnic violence in Burundi and settled in refugee camps in northwestern Tanzania.


    Their dynamic drumming and dancing style has been practiced for centuries, ie long before their country gained independence in 1962. It was used to praise Mwami, the King, and celebrate victories in tribal wars and kings' birthdays. After independence, it became one of the tunes of cultural dances symbolising national unity and identity and has been performed in Burundian main events including National Independence Days.

    For Burundian refugees in Tanzania, it became an expression of their plight and aspirations for the future. Their performances address various issues the refugee community faces as well as send out more universal messages for peace and reconciliation. It became a regular feature for the events to share their experiences with fellow refugees inside and outside the camps.

    Major Group performances

    Opening act for Voices for Peace Exhibition on International Day of Peace, Dar es Salaam (2005)
    National Torch Race, Nyakitonto Ward (2004)
    Youth conference, Moshi (2002)
    Belgium Embassy, Dar es Salaam (2001)
    Farmers Exhibition, Kasulu District (annual)
    National and international days at camp and district levels ie. Saba Saba Day, Womens' Day, Day of The African Child, World Refugee Day, Youth International Day, Anti- violence Day, Disabled Day, World Aids Day in the camps as well as when the camps are hosting visitors