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  • Chidi Benz

    Genresbongo flava hiphop band urban


    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010

    Chidi Beenz (2007)

    Chidi Benz aka King Kong (born Rashidi Abdallah Makwiro, in 1985) is presently one of Tanzania’s most respected hiphop artists and singers. He is the founder member and leader of LAFamilia group, based in Ilala district, Dar es Salaam.

    Chidi Benz is one of the more creative artists in the bongo flava Swahili hiphop genre. Having collaborated on a long string of hits with many of the leaders in this field (Stara Thomas, Ray C., Lady Jaydee, Tunda Man, Mwasiti, Mangwair…), he himself is also a great composer and uniquely talented rap artist who is gifted with a soulful and touching voice.

    Some of his biggest hits to date include Chaguo Langu, DSM Stand Up and Pompom Pishhaah