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  • Ghorwane

    Country  Mozambique
    Genres band fusion roots
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2004

    Mozambique Relief (2000),
    N?o ‚ preciso empurrar (1998),
    Kudumba (1997),
    Majurugenta (1994) and more

    Ghorwane Live


    In the hot and dusty Gaza province of Mozambique there is a small lake called Ghorwane that never runs dry, even in the hottest season. In 1983, a group of young musicians in Maputo, took the name Ghorwane as they launched their musical career. Today they are one of Mozambique's most respected bands. Ghorwane chose to base their music on traditional Mozambican rhythms, combined with Afropop and fusion. At the time when most established groups earned a living by imitating foreign artists, this approach came as a stimulating innovation. The injection of life they have shot into the stagnant music scene, and their subsequent success, have inspired other bands to take a similar route.


    The band is noted for the political and social criticism in their songs which has put them at loggerheads with the government from time to time. They have mirrored the frustration of their people at the continuing war that was grinding deeper into despair day after day, year after year. The lyrics are sung in African languages of Mozambique, like Changana, Ronga and Chope. In 1986 Ghorwane recorded a number of songs amongst which "Massotcha" written by Zeca Alage, which spoke about the horror of war and the danger of the military to the people they meant to be protecting.

    Peter Gabriel invited them to play at the WOMAD Festival in 1990. During this festival Realworld offered them an opportunity to record the CD "Majurugenta". Ghorwane have participated in numerous other festivals around the world, from southern Africa to North Korea to Germany, France, Holland & UK. In 1993 GHORWANE established a music co-operative, the first of its kind in Mozambique with the objectives of promoting Mozambican music, improving working conditions for local musicians and defending composers rights.

    Ghorwane made the Recordings of their second CD "Kudumba" in 1996 which was released in 1997 by Piranha. After the devastating floods that hit Mozambique in the beginning of the year 2000, Ghorwane participated in a Project called MOZAMBIQUE RELIEF which brought together many of the country's leading musicians for a benefit record in aid of rebuilding and helping victims of the flooding disaster.

    Even though the war is over Ghorwane have not stopped their political and social criticism concerning developments in their country and the influence of the foreign countries and organizations in aid programs.

    "The best African release of the month...it seems a minor miracle that music this good should be produced in a country battered by civil war..." (Guardian, UK)