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  • Groove Lélé

    Genresfusion traditional


    FestivalSauti za Busara 2011

    Dan kèr Lélé (1998)

    Trans-Mission (2008)

    Zembrocal Musical (2010)

    Groove Lélé
    Groove Lélé

    Native to Reunion island Groove Lélé have been playing traditional maloya music since 1992, sharing with the world the music first created by an emblematic legend of maloya music Julien Philéas Gramoun Lélé (Grandad Blows up). Among the 12 musicians who composed his group, four of them are his children.


    Maloya music was created in hiding during the uprising of the slaves and their descendants in Reunion. It is principally centred on voices and percussion. On stage, the dances, songs and instruments combine to express a certain cry for freedom, understandably as for a long time during the slave trade this music was forbidden.


    Granmoun Lélé among his many accomplishments in his lifetime recorded several CDs of singing trance vaudou, a musical traditional mixture with influences identifiable from Zanzibar, Mozambique, Somalia, Madagascar and in some cases even from Congo or from Cameroon. His children continue this rich musical trajectory spanning not just generations, but oceans, islands and peoples.