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  • Imena Cultural Troupe

    Country  Rwanda
    Genres dance roots traditional
    Website /IMENA-Cultural-Troupe-1-569850109858847
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2005, 2007, 2017
    Imena Cultural Troupe
    Imena Cultural Troupe

    Based in Kigali, Imena is a cultural association that has been performing Rwandan music, dance and culture for twenty years. Their show is spectacular and varied, ranging from powerful drumming to graceful dance, modern and expansive but firmly rooted in Rwandan traditions.

    Imena’s main focus is youth, especially orphans and other marginalised children and lots of educative messages on children’s rights are expressed through the performances.

    Imena Cultural Troupe has been performing at festivals and Cultural/Tourism Expos around the world, including Germany, Japan, Italy, China, USA, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast Masa Festival.

    We look forward to more spectacular performances in this, their third visit to Sauti za Busara.

    with thanks to Africalia