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  • Inganzo Ngari

    Country  Rwanda
    Genres dance traditional
    Website www.inganzongari.com
    Facebook /InganzongarizuRwanda
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2018

    Ruganzu I Bwimba, 2015 

    Inganzo Ngari mu gitaramo Ruganzu I Bwimba - Kigali Serena Hotel 25/10/2015

    Inganzo Ngari
    Inganzo Ngari

    Inganzo Ngari is a traditional Rwandan dance troupe that was created in 2006 to promote the Rwandan folkloric dance among youth, and their welfare through art and culture. Inganzo Ngari officially reigns as the best of the existing troupes, as certified by various competitions and evaluation by competent bodies.

    Inganzo has built a great reputation in and beyond Rwanda. The group has performed in Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Mallorca, Spain, Turkey, Russia and Singapore.

    With thanks to Africalia