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  • Ithrene

    Country  Algeria
    Genres rock jazz traditional fusion
    Facebook /ITHRENE-183986109494
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2019

     NEW TINDI, 2011; EL MAHFEL, 2017

    Groupe Ithrene El Fouchi video clip 2018


     Ithrene hail from Oum El Bouaghi, in the East of Algeria. The group was created in 1992 by four brothers, Rabah, Yazid, Hichem and Mohsen Ferrah, together with friends Aziz Rabia, Zven and Ramzi Khelifi.

    Their music is electric in every sense, with sufficient charisma and energy to rock all kinds of audiences.  Their lyrics are mostly in Amazigh "chaoui" (Berber language, with an Algerian dialect).

    Ithrene have toured regularly across Algeria and France, with one of their most outstanding performances to date at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris. They have released four albums, Imazighen, New Tindi, El Mahfel and El Fouchi.


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    With thanks to Onda