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  • Jambo Brothers Acrobats

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres acrobats
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006
    Jambo Brothers Acrobats
    Jambo Brothers Acrobats

    Jambo Brothers was formed in 1999 by two Zanzibar acrobats Saidi and Khamis at Kiembe Samaki area. Later the same year three more members joined the group and they became the Golden Stars Acrobatic Show. Performing mainly in bars, schools, political rallies and other social occasions the group was struggling to stay alive because of lack of experience and proper leadership.


    The group survived in an on-off situation, at times stopping for months and reviving it occasionally.

    In 2004 a Kenyan born young man Juma Wilson, aka Scooby Doo joined the group and suggested they change their name to Jambo Brothers. Through his advice the group started to look for shows in tourists' hotels and thus became more popular around the island.

    They perform with recorded music as background with styles including acrobatics, juggling, dancing and fire eating. The group performs regularly in hotels around the North and Eastern coast of Zanzibar.