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  • Jaymoe

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres bongo flava hiphop pop
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2008

    Ulimwengu ndiyo mama (2000), Mawazo ya Jaymoe (2004), Moe Commentary (2007)


    Jaymoe is one of Tanzania's most popular and respected artists in the bongo flava scene. He started in the field of music in 1999 with his own group called Sewer Celibacy. They won the Star Search contest and quickly got a record deal with P Funk's legendary Bongo Records label, performing as Wateule group. In 2001 Jaymoe started a new phase with Bongo Records; this time as a solo artist. His first album Ulimwengu ndiyo mama released in 2000, featured many popular tracks including Mvua na Jua, Bishoo and Kama Unataka Dem. His next album Mawazo ya Jaymoe, released 2004, took Jaymoe to new heights, with singles like Cheza kwa Step, Kasimama Peke Yake and Twende kwa Mganga. During 2005 released the single Kimyakimya, which was played on rotation for many months on radio stations throughout Tanzania and East Africa. Late in 2007, Jaymoe released the third album Moe Commentary, containing yet another megahit Hadithi Tatu Tofauti. A talented and gifted performer as well as being a hard-working singer-songwriter, Jaymoe has consistently been at the forefront and we are proud to feature him at the festival.