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  • Jembe Culture Group

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2012
    Jembe Culture Group
    Jembe Culture Group

    The popular Dar es Salaam based music group was officially established in 2006 with three members from Dodoma and three members from the coastal region. A few years later, they expanded to become an ensemble of 13 members all of whom are part of the group until today. The group is based in the Mbezi suburb of Dar es Salaam and performs twice a week at the Memorial village. Using various traditional instruments of the Gogo tribe from the Dodoma region such as the malimba (balafon), zeze (Gogo two-stringed violin), manyanga (rattles), njuga (bells) and different types of drums, they manage to blend the sound of the Swahili coast with traditional Gogo performance styles in what has become their own unique sound. They have released a CD and are currently working the production of a music DVD. The word “jembe” is Swahili for “gardening hoe”.