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  • Kazimoto

    Country  Tanzania Germany
    Genres dj fusion
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

    Members of Jagwa Music and the international electronica artists Teichmann Brothers met during a recent Jagwa performance in Berlin's Urban Spree club. The Brothers invited them to their studio the following day and after an extended jam it was decided that this needs to go on stage. International reviewers of Jagwa Music's performances have described mchiriku as African "nu-rave" or "hand-made techno". Throughout their European tours the group has had their biggest successes with young, dance hungry youth at dedicated festivals like Fusion or Skankaloss and in clubs across the continent.

    Sauti za Busara audiences hardly need an introduction to mchiriku and Jagwa Music, the style's no. 1 exponent. The Teichmanns are masters of musical cooperations across many cultures with projects in India, Pakistan, Philippines, and more recently in Africa. Since 2010 and in cooperation with Goethe Institut Nairobi the brothers initiated and curate the acclaimed project 'BLNRB', where bands from Berlin like Jahcoozi and Modeselektor and Kenyan musicians & MCs like Ukoo Flani, Abass Kubaff and Necessary Noize come together to produce music and perform in Germany and Africa. At the opening of the 'Worldtronic Festival 2010' at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the brothers played together onstage with 21 Kenyan artists. The BLNRB album "Welcome To The Madhouse" was released in summer 2011.

    The Kazimoto project is led by Jagwa's featured vocalist Jackson Aluta Kazimoto, and features Jagwa's Shukuru Ponza (Casio) and TP (msondo & dumbaki); Tony Karama (bass guitar), Abdalla Fereji (drums), Mjusi Shemboza (solo guitar); Andi Teichmann & Hannes Teichmann (electronics, live remixing).

    Project supported by the TURN fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation & Jahazi Media