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  • Kidumbaki JKU

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres coastal roots
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2012
    Kidumbaki JKU
    Kidumbaki JKU

    Kidumbak is among the most popular traditional music styles of Zanzibar. With its roots in the taarab traditions and heavy emphasis on the rhythmic aspect, for local people it makes the music highly infectious and danceable.

    Kidumbak is often performed at Zanzibar weddings, birthdays, beach parties and other joyous celebrations. The texts are much more direct than the poetic subtlety of the taarab songs, often criticising other peoples' social behaviour. During performances, the singer has to have the ability to compose lyrics on the spot and kidumbak sets often last as long as five hours. As one song flows into the next, the intensity heats up until everyone is on their feet and dancing. One of the main attractions is the interplay between the players and dancers and chorus response involving guests or audiences.

    Kidumbaki JKU was founded in 2000 and is famous in Zanzibar for the strong message of their songs and dramatic and provocative dancing styles.