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  • Kyandu Music

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres dance fusion roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006
    Kyandu Music
    Kyandu Music

    Started in 1998 Kyandu Music is a Dar es Salaam based group performing contemporary interpretations of traditional music. It was through the ambition of the group's chairman and tutor Seif Chambusu who wanted to use the group as a way of sending messages to wide audiences about the need to protect and develop Tanzania's cultural heritage.


    Kyandu plays traditional dance music by adding a taste of Tanzania's guitar music (muziki wa dansi) and therefore making it more appealing to older people as well as new generation audiences. Instruments used include bass marimba, rhythm marimba, solo marimba, ngoma traditional drums, shakers and a locally made drum kit including improvised snares.

    They regularly perform in tourist hotels and during public days and weddings, and participated in Bagomoyo Arts Festival in 2003.