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  • Majestad Negra

    Country  Puerto Rico
    Genres roots dance traditional
    Website www.copipr.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

    Bombas de mi Batey, 2009

    Majestad Negra Piñones, PR

    Majestad Negra
    Majestad Negra

    Majestad Negra is a musical group that promotes afrorican music called BOMBA.

    Bomba music comes from our African heritage and it is composed of a combination of different rhythms. It’s a dance were the drum player and the dancer communicate through the steps and it’s like expressing messages to the drum. Majestad Negra plays different rhythms of bomba music that can be danced in Puerto Rico: Sica, Yuba, Holandes, Seis Corrido and other important rhythms all from our African heritage.

    The group has talented musicians that are composers themselves, and  professors taking afrorican music through the island and internationally. They have participated in Festivals in the US, Latin America and local festivals like Bomba  y Plena Festival, National Day of Bomba in Loiza, San Sebastian Festival (the Puerta Rican national Carnival) and have played in Universities there and abroad.