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  • Malick Pathé Sow

    Genresacoustic roots


    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010

    Maayo Men, 2009

    Malick Pathé Sow
    Malick Pathé Sow

    Malick Pathé Sow comes from a large family of laawbe (like griots) and has been brought up with the music of the Peul, nomadic people from the north of Senegal. Following loyal service as one of Baaba Maal's main musicians, he embarked on a solo career after he arrived in Belgium. He has toured in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Canada and has built a growing reputation thanks to shows at Sfinks Festival ( Belgium), WOMAD (UK), Couleur Café (Brussels) and Blues sur Seine (Paris).

    On his latest album Maayo Men Malick captures all the warmth, beauty and authenticity of Senegalese music. It has a calm, timeless presence. Indeed, the soothing ensemble sound of guitar, hoddu (ngoni-lute), kora and nianiooru (violin) could surely have been recorded at any point in the last few centuries. The album pays tribute to the laawbe, instrument makers and musicians who have traditionally taken responsibility for the oral transmission of knowledge between generations. Malick's CD paints a vivid picture of the everyday life and culture of the Fula people.

    “Malick Pathé Sow weaves a web of acoustic entrapment so subtle that it's a pleasure to get trapped in it.” (Observer, UK)