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  • Mamillion

    Country  South Africa
    Genres hiphop urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009

    Phakama (2007)


    Sphiwe Ngwenya, aka Mamillion, hails from Soweto. He is inspired by township life, changes challenges. He aims to take kwaito back to the TKZee era with his beats, whilst fused with a modern sensibility.


    Mamillion's main objective is to entertain while dominating the kwaito scene.


    Mamillion's recent debut CD, Phakama is filled with party songs, tracks inspired by his social struggles and a constant ambition of making his first R 1,000,000 through music. The album also includes the bonus track "Gatvol" that directly targets taxi drivers for their controversial behaviour.


    With the help of talented producers like 635, Mellow and B-MA, the album demonstrates how Tsotsi Taal Productions are developing and grooming young upcoming musicians and producers. The charismatic Mamillion has successfully put together an educative, motivational and entertaining album, featuring hits like Mzimba Nyakaza, Thingz Change, "Gatvol" and more.