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  • Mari Boine

    Country  Norway
    Genres band fusion roots
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010

    Gula Gula (1990)

    Radiant Warmth (2006)

    Eagle Brother (2001)

    Winter in Moscow (2001)

    Room of Worship (2001)

    8 Seasons (2002)

    Liehkastin (Unfolding) (2003)

    In the Hand of the Night (2006)

    and more

    Mari Boine - Goaskinviellja / Eagle Brother (Oslo Opera House, 2009)

    Mari Boine
    Mari Boine

    Perhaps she’s a Sámi artist, perhaps she's a practitioner of world music. Perhaps she makes music around the borderlines of Sámi, other folk music, jazz and rock. Perhaps she is the sum of all this. Or perhaps she is just herself. A musician, singer and artist who is making her own mark. Who has gone down a road where she hasn't always seen the destination. And who is still travelling. A route in which Mari Boine has gained confidence and a clear sense of who she is and what she stands for. But the road is long. There are still surprises and challenges lurking ahead.

    Mari Boine made her debut as an artist in the early 80s. She was angry, and had every reason to be. There were many people, many circumstances keeping her down. Christianity, oppression of the Sámi language and culture, the big men down south. At first she sang in Norwegian and English. Eventually in Sámi. It is a good language to sing, it's so rich in vocals, she says.

    Her anger, political statements, and 1989 breakthrough, both at home and abroad, with the CD Gula Gula (Realworld) made her well-known. A person one listened to. Many people now saw her as a spokesperson for the Sámi people and the Sámi cause. Not Mari. “I can't represent a whole people. But I can tell my story as a Sámi, and in that way tell part of the Sámi people’s story.“

    When Mari was awarded the Nordic Council's Music Prise in 2003 it was for her ethnic intuition, her artistic strength and for an ability to communicate which makes her reach an enormous audience all over the world, regardless of cultural background. Mari retains her musical roots, while giving them a contemporary expression. As she herself says, Music is my life, the song is my breathing.

    Thanks to support of the Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Mari Boine and her band will spend time in Zanzibar during the week before the festival, to rehearse and perform an exclusive show for Sauti za Busara 2010 in collaboration with top musicians from the region.

    With thanks to Norwegian Embassy