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  • Massar Egbari

    Country  Egypt
    Genres band fusion rock
    Website /massaregbari
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010

    Massar Egbari - Zayek Ana | مسار إجبارى - زيك أنا

    Massar Egbari
    Massar Egbari

    Massar Egbari was founded in 2005. They created a sarcastic name for the band since they felt that society exerts its power over people from their childhood till the day they die. This social power wants to stereotype everything including the way we think and feel, leaving no space for creation and innovation.

    Massar Egbari presents music and songs talking about social problems. Love is not their main concern although it represents a part of their songs. Through the members' different musical backgrounds, the band presents alternative Egyptian music, mixing rock, jazz and blues with Oriental sounds.

    In 2007, Massar Egbari started their international musical career, participating in festivals in Malta and Istanbul. The following year they were invited to the International Biennale of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (Puglia 2008) in Bari, Italy. And again in 2009 the band will participate in the Skopje (Macedonia) edition of the International Biennale.

    The group is still working on their first complete professional CD, yet have already won the prize for Best Band Performing Original Songs in Arabic in the first International Occidental Music Competition held in Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2006.

    Ayman Massoud: Keyboards, Hani El Dakkak: Guitar and Lead Vocal, Ahmed Hafez: Bass guitar, Tamer Attallah: Drums, Mahmoud Siam: Guitars, Mohamed Nabil: Percussion

    With thanks to Egyptian Ministry of Culture