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  • Mehdi Qamoum

    Country  Morocco
    Genres spiritual blues jazz reggae rock traditional fusion
    Facebook /qamoummehdi
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2020

    MediCament (2016)

    Mehdi Qamoum - Ana W Ana / Live Sessions by Studio Hiba

    Mehdi Qamoum
    Mehdi Qamoum

    Mehdi Qamoum is a young artist who was born and raised in Agadir, Morocco. As he grew up, he embraced his family's traditional Gnawa music roots. He excelled in this field and formed his first music band at an early age. After hooking up with several well-known and highly skilled musicians thanks to a local Jazzawyia meeting point for local Moroccan and visiting foreign artists, his skills were no longer hidden.

    A traditional gnawa musician, Mehdi Qamoum has mastered numerous folk instruments including guembri, outar, karbaou, bendir and a custom guembri four-string electric bass, which he built himself. He has collaborated with many famous artists on national and international stages, including Mawazine, Timitar and Kreol Jazz Festivals. In recent years, he has mastered his own unique project: self-penned compositions with a fusion of music styles, that he intends to develop further to reach his objectives.

    In addition to his formidable instrumental talents, Mehdi is an adept songwriter. His original songs regularly confront pressing social concerns including poverty, discrimination and challenges of life in the diaspora. He aims to help his community with direct and heartfelt messages, to meet high expectation levels of music lovers across the world and to increase pride in his origins by building appreciation for the richness and diversity of Moroccan cultures.


    With thanks to Afrikayna and Africa Art Lines