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  • Mkalimala Culture Group

    Country  Tanzania
    Genres dance roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006
    Mkalimala Culture Group
    Mkalimala Culture Group

    Mkalimala is a very popular ngoma group from Magomeni area in Mtwara southern Tanzania, which was established 27 years ago. The group use Makonde masks, a variety of dance styles, combining drumming, comedy and stilt walking. Most of the songs are in Makonde language and some in Swahili, they sing and dance imitatively with the aim of driving a point home without saying too much. "It is very boring to keep talking straight forwardly about AIDS but we have ways to send messages whilst keeping the enthusiasm of the audience" says DJ Amani, the group's manager.


    The dance moves are driven by the lead drummer (msondo mkubwa) and it is amazing how the two communicate with rhythms and acrobatic moves.

    Mkalimala is one of the few Makonde cultural groups in Mtwara region to keep going for so long in the face of globalisation and they always pull a large crowd locally whenever they perform.

    Mkalimali Culture Group performs regularly in local campaign festivals and has travelled internationally to perform in UK, Denmark and Mozambique.

    "Drop a note on the ground and let a stilt walker pick it up in style!"