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  • Mutinda

    Country  Kenya
    Genres acoustic fusion pop
    Website /mutindamusic
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009

    Matopeni (2008)

    SIMAMA by Mutinda


    Mutinda's music is a journey through time and space.


    Marrying African traditional instrumentation such as nyatiti, maboom-boom drums, djembe, African flute with global elements as guitar, bass, keyboard, sax, violin and drums, he has created a unique style of soul-searching melodies and contagious rhythms.

    Although Mutinda's music is unique, he still has found inspiration in other artists like Diogal, Lokua Kanza, Wasis Diop, Kaïsa, Seal, and Tracy Chapman. One of the most powerful aspects of Mutinda's music is the live performance. His strong character shines through a humble smile, and his voice harmonizes with the particular ambience of every audience.

    On his new album "Matopeni", most instruments are recorded live, capturing the spirit of the musicians. Besides his vocal powers, the guitars are the fortitude of his music.

    Singing mostly in Swahili, English, and Kikamba (his mother tongue), he talks about the things life presents. Growing up in a typical Kenyan rural setting and later living in Eastleigh (one of Nairobi's toughest neighbourhoods) has made it natural for Mutinda to interact easily with all kinds of people.

    Through music he encourages people to know life to be more than their environment and that it is possible to find grace and humbleness even in the midst of the toughest life conditions. "Music is that which takes you to a place where only uncertainty prevails... yet anchoring you here." (Mutinda)


    With thanks to Alliance Francaise de Nairobi & Goethe-Institut Tanzania
    With thanks to Alliance Francaise de Nairobi & Goethe-Institut Tanzania