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  • Nawal & Les Femmes de la Lune

    Country  Comoros Mayotte
    Genres acoustic fusion roots spiritual
    Website www.nawali.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009, 2013

    Kweli, 2001; Aman, 2007; Nawal & Les Femmes de La Lune, 2010 (CD/DVD); Embrace the Spirit, 2011

    Nawal et les femmes de la lune

    Nawal & Les Femmes de la Lune
    Nawal & Les Femmes de la Lune

    Nawal originally comes from the Comoros Islands. Born into a family with many musicians, Nawal bathed in both popular and spiritual music from a young age. Now living in France, today she is recognised as being a key figure from her native islands: the ever rising star of Comoros.

    A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nawal plays guitar, gambusi (traditional lute, inherited from Yemen), and diverse percussion. Nawal states “My main instrument, before anything, is the voice.”
    Aptly called a "mystic pop diva", Nawal communicates something bigger than music – she has the capacity to touch people’s hearts with her powerful voice and message.

    Between tradition and modernity, her resolutely acoustic and mystical music weaves a harmonious dialogue between Indo-Arabo-Persian cultures, Bantu polyphonies, Sufi chanting and the syncopated rhythms of the Indian Ocean. Nawal creates a timeless music by drawing her inspiration from sounds of her roots and beyond.

    Nawal has been performing on the international stage for more than 20 years, and she performs in different formations. For Sauti za Busara 2013 festival, she presents "Nawal & Les Femmes de La Lune” (Women from the Islands of the Moon). This is a musical choreography mixing traditional women's Sufi chants and Nawal's worldly muse, and is also a humanitarian project assisting the emancipation of women through art.

    With thanks to Conseil General de Mayotte