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  • Nomakanjani Arts

    Country  Zambia
    Genres traditional
    Website www.nomaarts.co.uk
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2011

    Nomakanjani at AATAZ.wmv

    Nomakanjani Arts
    Nomakanjani Arts

    Nomakanjani is a Zambian NGO that uses music, dance and theatre to entertain and educate audiences about the issues that affect their lives and their communities. The dynamic group of performers use performing arts as a tool for creating positive change, delivering vital life and behavioural changing messages to its audiences in an original and entertaining form.


    Founded by six members, who also form the NGO’s management team, all grew up in the community of Mtendere, one of the Lusaka compounds where they attended a drama group in a local youth centre. They shared a long-standing vision of setting up their own independent theatre company which finally became a reality in 2007 when they formed Nomakanjani.


    Nomakanjani means “no matter what - we will overcome the challenges that our generation faces, we will be the change we want to see.” Their amazing story from humble beginnings with nowhere to rehearse, the group has grown quickly and now has 19 active members, aged between 15 and 24.


    Nomakanjani have over 100 years of collective experience in the arts of Zambia. The vibrant performing arts company utilises its knowledge of traditional Zambian and sub-Saharan dance and its unique contemporary edge to deliver powerful messages and create memorable and distinctive performances every time they appear.

    With thanks to Tazara