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  • Omega Bugembe Okello

    Country  Uganda USA
    Genres jazz pop
    Website www.omegaworldmusic.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009

    Kiwomera Emmeeme (2008)

    Omega Bugembe Okello
    Omega Bugembe Okello

    Omega Bugembe Okello is blessed with a powerful vocal range and the ability of singing in various languages. She hails from Uganda, having a voice that touches the soul. Her latest album, Kiwomera Emmeeme, embodies this very essence Omega draws from her African, in particular Ugandan, roots to bless her listeners with a rich worldly flavour. Musically, she is old school in a new school kind of way, using her music as a medium of healing, loving, education, empowerment and celebration.


    Omega began her musical life at the tender age of four, when she was enrolled into the internationally acclaimed African Children's Choir. She toured the world with the choir, and it was from this experience that she blossomed into the singer she is today. Upon her return, Omega spent the next several years growing up in an orphanage, which her mother, who raised over 100 orphans, opened in Uganda. Surrounded by the suffering that characterized her country for the next 10 years of her life, Omega's experience in the orphanage became one of the strongest foundations of her work ethic and continues to motivate her to give back to her society through her music.

    Omega is talented and blessed with determination and musical skills, but it was not until 2006 that she decided to follow her dream of being a full-time singer. Balancing her education between Uganda and the USA, she finally earned a Masters Degree in Health Advocacy in New York.

    Omega's latest album Kiwomera Emmeeme, (Luganda, meaning "it is sweet to the soul") is an explosion of ethnic and western sounds. The album includes 10 songs; 8 of which she wrote. All but one of the songs on the album are in her native tongue, Luganda, except for one that is in Swahili. Omega incorporated the help of several people, including award-winning Ugandan songwriter Sylver Kyagulanyi to write the song Gunyuma – "Love is a Wonderful Thing."

    This happily married songstress is an African musician on a mission to defy the negative stereotypes of Africa through her music. With her husband supporting her, Omega is on a quest to show the world the talented, happy, wealthy, musical Africa they are rarely exposed to. Her album, which is a reflection of her travels, flawlessly merges several cultures with tinges of jazz, blues, R&B, neo soul, gospel, contemporary and pop, blending with traditional African melodies. The instruments are a rich cultural assortment - fretless bass guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, percussion, drums, keys, traditional tube fiddle and African xylophones.