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  • Oudaden

    Country  Morocco
    Genres band fusion roots
    Website /oudaden
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009

    Tafokt Ortbadlt ; Intlk Ayadil Ifr and many more

    OUDADEN - IMNAA LFIRAQ |Music Tachlhit ,tamazight, maroc , souss , اغنية , امازيغية, مغربية ,جميلة


    Oudaden, one of Morocco's mythical groups of the last twenty years, draws its inspiration from traditional Amazigh music. The group is passionately devoted to its roots, which they update into a lively music that enjoys the support of North African audiences since its early days, while more and more international spectators rapidly become enthusiastic. Their music is an innovative mix of typical bendir and nakus sounds; these traditional Amazigh (Berber) instruments they combine with modern ones including banjo, electric guitar and tam-tam. In their universal lyrics they explore the subtleties of love as well as the economic and social difficulties of their region, being the spokespersons of Amazigh culture.


    After several successful tours in the United States and in Europe, especially on the stages of Bercy and the Zenith in Paris, and 14 albums contributing to the revival of Amazigh songs, the group has gained recognition of both media and world music professionals.


    With thanks to CULTURESFRANCE