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  • Pungwa

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

    Pungwa is a traditional Zanzibari spirit dance found in the northwest of Unguja, and this group is widely described as the most energetic performers in Zanzibar.
    More than 150 years ago pungwa traditional spirit dance was established by Shaali Bambao in Bumbwini Makoba village. Shaali Bambao was lost in Panga Kubwa cave and was found in Kisiki cave after three years, where he appeared singing traditional songs. His fellow villagers asked him "what kind of songs?" and he said "Pungwa".

    Since then he was a witchdoctor, and up until now pungwa is used to purge evil spirits and provide entertainment. They have wowed audiences throughout the archipelago with their repertoire of rare dances, and audience members and dancers alike are known to be deeply moved by the spiritual drumming and chanting. With dancers accompanied by traditional drums and horns, performances by the Pungwa spirit dancers transport audiences to Bumbwini Makoba.
    Pungwa has performed at several Government ceremonies throughout Zanzibar and Tanzania in general. Don’t miss them on the Sauti za Busara stage!