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  • Ribab Fusion

    Country  Morocco
    Genres pop traditional fusion
    Facebook /ribabfusion
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2018

     L'fichta, 2011; Al Mogar, 2014

    Ribab Fusion - Agadir Oufella (Exclusive Music Video) | (رباب فيزيون - أكادير أوفلا (فيديو كليب

    Ribab Fusion
    Ribab Fusion

    Ribab Fusion are considered major ambassadors of the Amazigh culture. The band celebrates Morocco’s Amazigh (colonialists used to say Berber) culture as it flies from ‘70s-style funk to Afropop dance vibes, from slow jams to high energy call-and-response choruses.

     The ribab is a traditional instrument that used to be common across North and West Africa.  Ribab Fusion interpret different musical styles, combining indigenous sounds such as ahwachs (traditional songs), Gnawa and modern music. The one-stringed bowed ribab seamlessly weaves all this madcap diversity together, sometimes gritty, sometimes as soothing as a well-played sax. It’s a jazzy and uplifting mix that technically wows and gets everyone celebrating. 

     Ribab Fusion are loved for their infectious energy on stage that is shared with the audience through exciting rhythms, including flavours of Jamaican roots reggae.  Their unique music and powerful stage presence has led to regular tours across USA, Europe and Africa.  

    With thanks to Afrikayna & Africa Art Lines