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  • Ricky na Marafiki

    Country  Kenya
    Genres acoustic jazz fusion
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

    Tucheze (2011)


    Ricky na Marafiki
    Ricky na Marafiki

    Born Patrick Enos Lukhachi Nanjero, in Nairobi on 8 October 1980, Ricky is a bassist, arranger and a bass instructor. He comes from a family of eight with four brothers and three sisters. A few years ago Ricky began his solo career by forming a five-piece band called the Marafiki, which recently released an album, 'TUCHEZE'. The album is a combination of different styles of music put together as instrumentals where bass guitar is featured in all the songs.


    In this collection, he endeavors to take the listener through the transition of Nairobi's music over the various musical eras. It is a blend of both the traditional and modern Kenyan music styles, the band consist of Abram Muli who plays drums,Jack muguna plays Guitars, David Kikky plays keys and George Nderitu on percussions. Ricky and the band are working on a second album. Ricky also has a monthly show called an EVENING OF AFRO JAZZ that happens every last Tuesday of the month the show is always fully booked because there is limited sitting space.


    Among other things that Ricky does is that he has a program called JAZZ FOR BOOKS where he goes to well-off schools does a concert for them for free then in return he collects books that are not being used from the school then he takes them to needy schools. The reason for this Ricky is trying to use his talent to develop a reading culture in Kenya and in Africa. Ricky played bass when televangelists Bishop T.D.Jakes and Juanita Bynam visited Kenya in 2005 in front of an audience of about half a million people on both occasions.


    Ricky has played in front of audiences in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Germany and in the United States of America.he is also in Eric Wainaina's BBA(best band in Africa) as a bassist. In recognition of his talent Ricky has been called to the Berklee College of Music and is an awardee of a partial scholarship from the Berklee African Scholar's Grant. He also served as the bandleader during the Eric Wainaina New York run of our very successful stage musical MO FAYA!