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  • Sansa Troupe

    Country  Uganda
    Genres roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2009
    Sansa Troupe
    Sansa Troupe

    Sansa Troupe is a cultural organisation based in Kampala, comprised of youths of school-going age who are talented in the performing arts. In Uganda, sansa is the name given to a thumb piano (limba in Tanzania; mbira in Zimbabwe) - one of the traditional instruments that is used across most of Africa.


    Sansa's motto is "Culture is Life". Due to war and AIDS, Uganda has a high number of orphans and school drop outs. Many of these become street children, beggars, and pickpockets. Sansa addresses the natural talents of many of these kids, who are encouraged instead to attain formal education.

    Sansa's main aims are to eradicate ignorance through the performing arts; to revive morality and ethical living among the youth; to develop, promote and use their artistic talents for employment and income generation. Their main activities include performing at festivals and cultural events; making traditional instruments and designing costumes; composing, writing and teaching plays, songs, poetry and dance.

    This is Sansa Troupe's first visit to Zanzibar. Until now, they have performed throughout Uganda, as well as venues in Kigali, Rwanda and Nairobi, Kenya. Last year they even performed for Queen Elizabeth during her visit to one of Uganda's primary schools. The troupe consists of around twenty youth on stage and promises to bring a varied and spectacular show.