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  • Seun Olota

    Country  Nigeria
    Genres afrobeat band jazz fusion
    Website www.seunolota.com
    Facebook /olotaseun
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2020

    Home Made (2006); Home Brew (2013); Free Spot Show Live (2015); Home Brew remake (2018); Why Worry singles (2018)

    Why Worry @ 2018 MASA

    Seun Olota
    Seun Olota

    Seun Olota is a composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Lagos, Nigeria. He is also leader of the ExTaSi Gang Band and an advocate for persons living with special needs and physical conditions. He has created a niche within the context of dance, club, choral and therapeutic music with original compositions and orchestrations for the family of strings, percussion, brass and wood wind instruments.


    Olota’s early music influences were from his father, a medical practitioner who was also an organist in his youth. As a piano and saxophone player, he has worked with music greats including Peter King, Duro Ikujenyo, Wunmi Olaiya, Jimi Solanke, Tunde & Fran Kuboye, Alaba Pedro, Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Kologbo and more.

    Seun Olota's ExTaSi Gang is a band of uncommon thinkers, recording artistes and scholars who are jointly on an ethereal quest that stretches music beyond the threshold of aural sensibility. Albums to their credit include: Home Made (2006), Home Brew (2013), Free Spot Show-Live (2015) and Why Worry (2018).


    Seun Olota was one of the most-sought-after performers in the 2018 Marche des Arts du Spectacle d'Abidjan (MASA), internationally recognized as Africa's largest market for the performing arts. Advocacy and sensitization initiatives he has been involved in include awareness campaign programs on immunization, breast-feeding, Down Syndrome, gender related issues and the right to freedom of artistic expression.


    He professes “I revere acculturation and cultural barter initiatives because they form the spring-board required to fortify and galvanize our unity, intellectual vigour and diverse collective strengths”.