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  • Siti & the Band

    Genrestaarab kidumbak roots pop fusion


    FestivalSauti za Busara 2018, 2020

    Fusing the Roots, 2018

    Siti & the Band
    Siti & the Band

    Siti & The Band are musical change makers. They use education, talent and creativity to fuse their roots in taarab music with personal influences from their daily lives.


    Zanzibar culture carries influences from ancient Arab, Persian, Indian and African musical traditions. Siti & The Band fuse these with contemporary music from jazz to funk to reggae and beyond. More importantly, the group fights for the right of fellow female artists to express themselves and speak out on issues of concern, such as domestic violence.


    Amina Omar, aka Siti Amina and her band were greatly inspired by Bi Kidude and Siti bint Saad, the mothers of Zanzibar taarab. While keeping their cultural heritage alive, the band are role models for a new generation of East Africans, of whom many are denying their roots, providing crucial elements in building identity and valuing uniqueness, whilst finding their own musical voices.


    Siti & The Band’s first album 'Fusing the Roots' is recorded evidence of the timelessness of Zanzibar's traditional and contemporary music. The empowering lyrics provide a strong feminist statement for the self-determination of African women. The unique musical compositions beautifully entangle traditional taarab with contemporary arrangements. Combined with empowering messages, the album translates Zanzibar's cultural heritage into modern day society.