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  • Skuli ya Kiongoni

    Country  Zanzibar
    Genres roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2012
    Skuli ya Kiongoni
    Skuli ya Kiongoni

    More famously known for the annual colourful Mwaka Kogwa (Shirazi New Year) cultural celebrations, the small fishing town of Makunduchi on the south-eastern tip of Zanzibar is also home to Kiongoni School, where young talent is overflowing. Placing a priority on fostering cultural pride from a young age, the school has traditional song and dance classes where students are taught different styles from around the islands and Tanzania mainland.

    Since 2001, children from Kiongoni School have been performing publically and have since then built quite a reputation throughout the country. Every year they are invited to perform in different public occasions and schools competitions often winning such events. In 2009 they were invited to entertain the Mayor of Dodoma, Tanzania’s political capital. Although young in age, these children are now specialists in Tanzanian dances, with much to teach to us all.