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  • Sosolya Dance Academy

    Country  Uganda
    Genres dance roots traditional
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2010

    Sauti za Busara 2010: Sosolya dance academy

    Sosolya Dance Academy
    Sosolya Dance Academy

    Sosolya Dance Academy was founded in 2005. It's a group of young, talented and energetic artists who came together to organise themselves for a common cause. Sosolya Dance Academy now consists of around forty youth (aged 10 – 25) and five adult leaders. The group has bases in Kampala city centre as well as in Kabalagala, one of the urban slum districts.

    Sosolya Dance Academy's stated aims are to restore African confidence, pride and dignity and to promote respect and understanding through the preservation and development of culturally based arts and practices.

    Prioritising artistically talented but socially disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, the group aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and enable young people's ambitions to fully bloom.

    Sosolya is an African bird. It's a peaceful and beautiful bird found in Uganda. Just like the African bird, Sosolya Dance Academy aims at creating a genuine and fresh smile on the lips of everyone - without discrimination.

    Dance is the most intrinsic means of self-expression when we pour out our most sincere emotions. Sosolya has a varied repertoire which carries the meanings and philosophies of life. They are the means from which knowledge is only accessed by participation. That is why Sosolya never separate the audience from the artist.

    As the saying goes, “Those who dance together, eat together”. If all human beings always danced together, the colossal budgets for weapons and warfare would be re-channelled to improving the quality of human life. And Sosolya's versatile artists celebrate human happiness through a seemingly endless repertoire of dances that they ebulliently execute using different parts of body, such as: stamping dances, hip dances, arm dances and abdominal dances.

    Sosolya Dance Academy's impressive orchestra is made up of most rare, unique and varied instruments that hitherto were played in isolation by different tribal musicians. The virtuoso skills of the musicians make for an unforgettable experience. Instruments played by the group can be classified as follows:-

    Drums of various types and sizes - ranging from the mighty mujjaguzzo (royal celebrations) through embuutu, empunyi, engalabi and namunjoloba.

    Melodic percussion instruments - including balafons (amadinda, akadinda, endaala) and thumb piano (akogo)

    String instruments, including one stringed tube fiddle (endingidi) and adungu played in ensembles of at least four different sizes – soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Their sounds are scintillating like the West African kora.

    Watching Sosolya Dance Academy perform is like taking a relaxing trip across the African continent and being treated like the most respected thing. That is the experience that Sosolya wishes you to share with them at the 7th edition of Sauti za Busara. Enjoy the ride.

    With thanks to ISP in Africa and Street spirits