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  • Maulidi & Mombasa Musical Party

    Country  Kenya
    Genres coastal taarab
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2004
    Maulidi & Mombasa Musical Party
    Maulidi & Mombasa Musical Party

    Maulidi Juma started singing in the 1960s and formed his original Mombasa Musical Party in 1972. The group has released more than 40 Recordings and continues to be one of the most popular groups of Kenyan coastal taarab. Their music exemplifies the Mombasa sound which shows the influence of Indian film pop songs as well as traditional Swahili chakacha. Over the years the group has featured legendary female vocalists including Malika and Zahura Swaleh and is always the first choice for women's wedding celebrations. They have toured Europe several times, performing in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland as well as other countries. "I make people dance," says Maulidi Juma. "This is what is happening to Taarab. People want to dance, People used to sit down and listen to Taarab until morning, but we don't do that now because the crowd does not appreciate it any more. "I think it's good news that Taarab has changed with the generations, but [in Mombasa] traditional taarab is long dead and there's no-one to keep the old style of music alive."


    As well as performing at the Sauti za Busara Festival, Maulidi's group is participating in a special "Traditional Music" Workshop before the festival, where they will be revitalising and encouraging the use of instruments such as harmonium and tashkota which are in danger of disappearing as the keyboards rapidly take over East Africa's taarab.