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  • Tarabband

    Country  Egypt Sweden Iraq
    Genres acoustic taarab
    Website www.tarabband.com
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2014

     Ya Sidi (2012)

    Tarabband - Baghdad Choby (Live from Nadin's apartment)


    Nadin was born 1980 and raised in Baghdad, Iraq and Cairo, Egypt into an artistic family. She studied the classical western Violin in Iraq but had to escape the war in Iraq year 2003 after surviving Gulf war 1 and 2. As a refugee in Sweden she wanted to make her musical dream become true, besides finding a new identity as a human being and an artist through music and art. She created Tarabband in 2007 and since then been actively touring Europe with her music and theater shows, radio programs and more.

    Tarabband is a musical and poetic journey of survival, exile, life and rebirth. The ensemble creates original compositions based on the Arabic music heritage, strongly influenced by the North African, World and folk music.

    They also perform traditional folk songs from the Middle East with a Tarabband touch. Their music is a journey from Baghdad via Cairo, Paris to Malmö, mixing Sufism, Folk, Flamenco, Jazz and settles in Tarab, the common denominator. The renowned band combines groove and sweetness with Nadin's charismatic voice to transgress borders that are drawn between countries and humans.

    4 nominations in 2013:-
    Sweden's Culture bearer at Folk & World Music Gala
    Sweden's best record - Ya Sidi / Tarabband
    Sweden's best cross over - Ya Sidi  / Tarabband
    Sweden's best Rhythm - Ya Sidi  / Tarabband at Manifest Gala

    With thanks to Swedish Arts Council, Statens Musikver, Musik I Syd