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  • The Shrine Synchrosystem

    Country  Ghana UK Nigeria
    Genres dj fusion urban
    FestivalSauti za Busara 2006

    There are three Shrine compilations
    Afrobeat, The Funkiest Music Ever Made,
    Afrodigital, Future Sounds From The Motherland on Ocho Records and
    Indestructible African Beats on the Manteca label.

    The Shrine Synchrosystem
    The Shrine Synchrosystem

    Inspired by Fela Anikulapo Kuti's Lagos club, The Shrine, and the rebirth of Afrobeat brought about by Fela's untimely death in 1997, the Shrine DJ Posse have been lobbing their lightning bolt of Afrosubversion into London nightlife for many years and their Rebel Music mission continues.


    The Afrocentric Roots 'n' Digital Mix features Afrobeat, High Life, Mbaqanga, Rai, Kwaito, Soukous, Benga, Juju, Mbalax, Afrodigital sounds, Chaabi, Salsa, Samba, Bossa, Reggae, Funk, Drum'n'bass, Garage, Fusions and the Tuffest Beats del Mondo... ice cool new tunes and red hot old classics.

    The Shrine Synchro System is a specially deconstructed version of the Shrine - a seamless mix of slamming sounds and dazzling visuals and weaving in and out of the soundscape come stunning live contributions from musicians. Over past years the Shrine DJs featured a wide range of live musicians blowing, strumming, bowing, singing, drumming and flowing over their beats. The group has toured in Germany, Turkey, Uganda, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and Russia.

    The Shrine Synchro System tours in ever-changing lineups, always with DJs Rita Ray and Max Reinhardt at the heart and soul, with a variety of local and international musicians and cultural collaborators.

    Rita Ray is a club and radio DJ and she and Max revitalised the global dance scene in London. She plays at clubs all over Europe and Africa and appears regularly on BBC TV, World Service, Radio 3 as guest and presenter. Rita also arranges and produces records and programmes international music festivals in London.

    Max is also a club DJ, music writer and compiler and a radio presenter. He contributes to the BBC World Service in flight, BBC Radio 3 and is also a musical director. With Rita he has put together a host of innovative club nights in London and beyond. Max also programmes international music festivals in London.

    For the Zanzibar 2006 shows, DJs Rita and Max are joined by VJ/filmmaker and projectionist Lisa Cazzato and Atongo Zimba and BREIS (see separate profiles) - British based musicians of West African origin, as well as more familiar faces from Tanzania.